Services Available

Customized Menu Planning: Each menu is created for you by Lisa. After learning your likes and dislikes, dietary needs and preferences, a menu is designed for your approval. Don’t like mushrooms? You’ll never see them!

Love salmon? Lisa can prepare it 27 different ways!

in home chefComplete Grocery Shopping: Tired of pushing that cart around wondering what to get for dinner? Then don’t! Let Lisa do it- she will shop for all the food needed for your customized menu. Now this is living! Lisa only buys the freshest dairy, produce, meats and fish- so that you get a quality meal every time you sit down to eat. Let Lisa read the expiration dates and sniff that salmon. Don’t you have better things to do?

The Cooking: Once you and Lisa decide on a menu and a cook day, Lisa will arrive with all equipment and food in tow- and go to town in your kitchen.

Within 4-5 hours, your fridge and freezer will be stocked with your meals, your kitchen will gleam and the house will smell like… roast chicken….potato and cheese casserole….baked sweet potato pie….BROWNIES!!! Whatever the menu, the aroma is there for you to enjoy when you come in the door at the end of a long, hard, work day. Or a day at the beach!

The Clean-Up: The Queen of Cuisine is also the Queen of Clean. ’Nuf said.